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This is where I discuss ideas related to how human beings can build local economies that are based on botany, industry, economy, herbalism, biodynamic agriculture, foraging and wildcrafting.



Here are some links that I have been wanting to put together in some sort of fashion in order to demonstrate various ways the Herbal Revolution is progressing.

Herbal Defluoridation of Drinking Water using Tridax procumbens:

Obviously this is so important for removing poisonous fluoride from water sources which still foolishly use the chemical by-product. Fluoride has continuously been proven to be harmful, causing fluorsis, bone decay, osteoporosis, arthritis, alzheimers, and many other neurodegenerative diseases. Tridax procumbens, aka Coatbuttons, is really just a common “weed” in the daisy family.

It would be interesting to gather up some Tridax or closely related species and incorporate them into a water filtration system. It would be important to come up with a system that makes this fairly easy and inexpensive. As a sort of trial I might consider taking apart a Brita filter and seeing if I am able to replace compressed herbal material in place of the filter.

Moringa oleifera has been also been mentioned as having natural water filtration applications: http://chenected.aiche.org/water/moringa-oleifera-seeds-for-water-treatment-in-water-stressed-areas/ The combination of these two herbal technologies has tremendous application in our future.


Energy Production – Duck Weed Biofuel

Along the same lines as Paul Stamets “Econol” Fungus based Biofuels, this herb has great potential for biofuel production and environmental remediation. Duckweed, Spirodela polyrrhiza and Wolffia globosa can be produced as a safe, clean, alternative biofuel that helps clean out environment.  http://empowerenergygroup.org/research/purification-to-energy-duckweed-and-biofuel/

Also please consider the implication of herbal batteries.

Madder (Rubia tinctorum) Batteries

This herbal technology has such incredible potential for the future. We can build batteries out of natural substances that are able to be safely returned to the Earth without fear of poisoning the land or water.  http://phys.org/news/2012-12-ancient-red-dye-powers-green.html




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