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Herbal Freedom is really just another way of saying health care freedom of choice. Individuals have lost control of the freedom they used to have, particularly in access to medicines. Just a century ago, we could walk into the local drugstore and and by any number of herbal remedies, including various preparations made from cannabis, opium, coca and other substances that are considered illicit in the contemporary police state.

Why should these plant substances be illegal? Why should any plant substance be illegal. It is completely absurd anything from nature should be declared illegal or that any sort of punishment be inflicted on an innocent person who had a plant.

How can we stop this from happening? Space time does not allow us to go backward but only forward we should learn from the past and recognize that history will repeat itself only with greater intensity due to the advances in technology. Is there any value in going through the political process at all? it would seem that politics is completely corrupt and cannot be repaired.  If there is any hope to be found in the political process it will only be on the small local level as it is here in New Hampshire another micro nations . Here’s where the concept of Arcadia comes into play.

Is the Confederation of Arcadia a possibility? I would like to think so. If there is to be peace is only going to be in area where individuals have respect for their fellow man . This is why farming gardening  herbalism natural medicine alternative energy technologies permaculture free energy devices solar energy earthships are all so essential to liberty. We must develop the technologies that will free us, not those that would enslave us.

30 days. Take a crew of 23 people on the road. Travel to multiple towns throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Speak with farmers, owners of health food stores, employees at local businesses and even man on the street videos. Interview local herbal practitioners discuss the possibility of Vermont and its own independent health care system. Potential people to interview include Arthur Haines and Daniel Vitalis. Also Rosemary Gladstar, VCIH teachers. Go to local government offices and interview local politicians. Call ahead and get permission to film an interview with various figures that would pertain to secession.

The film also have to go and be edited cut up and presented in quality fashion so the idea to work with someone with skills in that area. It will be ideal to present background information in history that pertains to the area we’re discussing Arcadia. Native American history free colonial history. Weave together the ideas of the Iroquois Confederation and the concept of independent groups of people and banding together for their own benefit.

Get several thousand DVDs made up and then distributed all across the region. Enjoy the film into various festivals contests and other forms of promotion. Possibly sell it back for a profit? Start demanding in all the local newspapers a convergence to discuss regional secessionists in favor of freedom.

It will be key to make some contacts in the Canadian Quebec the session this movement as well. The likelihood of success increases dramatically with some part of Canada on board. If we’re lucky by the time this region is ready to secede in the United States federal government will be crumbling much like the Soviets did in the 80’s.


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